The Rudest Trick-or-Treating Mistakes

The Rudest Trick-or-Treating Mistakes

Being kind isn’t hard, even if you are dressed up like a devil
The Rudest Trick-or-Treating Mistakes

Trick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!

There are a lot etiquette rules that one must follow when visiting a friend’s house. But on Halloween, you’re bouncing around from home to home and trick-or-treating. Or perhaps you’re sitting at home dishing out candy to children. How do you make sure you’re not being rude to your fellow spooky celebrators?

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It’s all about respect and being kind to your fellow man. That’s how to avoid being rude on Halloween!

We broke it down from those who are dishing out the candy and for those little goblins and ghouls who are going door to door shouting “Trick or treat!” For those greeting and giving, be sure to be home, be friendly and have enough candy for the whole neighborhood. For those running and collecting as much candy as possible, be sure to say “thank you,” be respectful of your fellow kids and trade your popular Halloween candies fairly.


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