Father's Day

The Most Hilarious Father’s Day Cards for Foodie Dads

Give the gift of puns this Father’s Day
Father's Day

Give the gift of food puns this Father's Day.

Trying to find the right card for Father’s Day can be a bit of a struggle. If your relationship with your father is anything like ours, it’s one based on love (of course) but also one based on laughing together and sharing the same corny yet dry sense of humor. Finding the perfect card that says “I love you” without being tacky or treacly can be quite the challenge.

For those out there who have food-loving dads, consider getting him a card that incorporates some humor and his No. 1 favorite thing: food. Luckily for you, we’ve done the legwork and found eight of the most hilarious food-related Father’s Day cards on the internet.

The best part about all of these cards? They incorporate the ultimate dad jokes: puns. What we’re saying is, there are more than a few variations on “pops” in here. From soda to popcorn to an ice pop. So buy some stamps and get ready to mail one of these hilarious foodie cards to dear old dad.

Bottle of Pop, Paperless Post
Even if you call your soft drink “soda” or “Coke” and you call your father “dad” or “papa,” every father figure from every region can appreciate this “pop” pun.

Cheesy Father's Day, Etsy
If your dad is the stereotypical man, it may be hard for him to express his feelings — and that’s OK. This “cheesy” Father’s Day card is in on the joke.

The Coolest Pop, Etsy
It’s an ice pop. Get it?! For the chilliest dads out there, this mustachioed red, white, and blue frozen treat is the definition of cool.

Doughnut Pun, Etsy
Every dad loves a good (or bad, depending on your perspective) food pun. From the doughnut hole to the big guy, this card says “I love you” in the simplest terms.

Hey Pops!, Etsy
Don’t in-salt your dad this Father’s Day. If you want to really butter him up, give him this popcorn-themed card, from a little kernel to a fully popped, bespectacled elder.

Hoppy Father's Day, Etsy
Whether your dad loves a locally sourced craft beer or if he just wants to relax with a Bud Light at the end of the day, this card is sure to make him “hoppy.”

Martini for Pops, Paperless Post
If your dad likes his maritinis dry and garnished with an olive, then congratulations! You have one classy old man. Honor him with this card — and then take him to happy hour.

Rarest of Them All, Etsy
There’s no mis-steaking it, your dad is one-of-a-kind. For the papa who is as rare as a fine steak, this meaty card is just the right thing.