A Guide for Thanksgiving Party Planning

Follow this advice for a flawless party
Thanksgiving Party Tips

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving party with these easy tips!

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. It is a celebration that entices all of the senses. There are the awe-inspiring colors and rich aromas that waft through your home, making you ravenous at even the smallest whiff of food. Everyone loves the crisp air, the glowing fire in the hearth, and crackling leaves underfoot. Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, a chance to embrace an attitude of thankfulness, appreciate the splendor of the season, and enhance the harmony of your home and those you welcome through your door. Let’s look at a few simple solutions for entertaining that will make your Thanksgiving a gift of celebration, home harmony, and happiness.

1. Mood Map

Before the party begins, take some time to consider the seating arrangement that will help with family harmony. Carefully thinking this through before guests arrive can make the conversation flow with ease and grace. Evaluate family dynamics and determine who would be best placed with whom. I call this a Mood Map. Reflect on who carries the conversation verses those who are on the quieter side. It can be awkward for one side of the table to be quiet while the other side is engaged in lively conversation. Pair people with contrasting personalities so that the energy at your table will be balanced.

2. Set Your Table with Gratitude

One fun way to ensure that your Thanksgiving table seating arrangement is respected is to create place cards. This will also help your guests feel more comfortable when finding a seat. To help break the ice and dive into the sentiment of the day, create place cards that include the person’s name and one reason you are grateful for that person being in your life and at your table. This helps bring harmony to your table and sets a tone of gratitude for all who sit down. It is also a great conversation starter! It will warm your guests’ hearts and let those that have gathered in your home know that they are appreciated.

3. Awkward to Artful

The most awkward moment for any guest is when they arrive at someone’s door before they have acclimated themselves into the party and people that have gathered. Make this transition a bit easier by giving guests a destination when they arrive at your door so that there is a smooth and graceful flow to your celebration. For the adults, send them to the bar to get a specialty Thanksgiving cocktail or mock-tail. We love to serve Pumpkin Martinis that taste like pumpkin pie. For the youngsters, create a Thanksgiving craft table that the older kids can manage. This will help alleviate congestion and allow parents a moment to settle in and enjoy the party. This also creates festive decorations that add to the fun and act as a keepsake favor they can take home.

4. Autumnal Adornment

Pumpkins remind us instantly of fall, harvest festivals, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, but there are additional autumnal accessories to adorn your home with during this abundant season. Pinecones, acorns, and fall foliage are three seasonal decorative enhancers that you can use as accents to bring the majesty of the outdoors inside. Place these autumnal treasures in glass candle holders, urns, or jelly jars to add that extra special touch to your Thanksgiving gathering.


These simple Home in Harmony Thanksgiving party planning tips will create fond memories, home harmony, and family fun, filling you and your guests with gratitude for this holiday and time spent together.