Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Keep the kids entertained before the big meal with these Thanksgiving crafts for kids
DIY Thanksgiving Craft

You’re little one will love making these simple Thanksgiving crafts.

Thanksgiving day is a busy one for families. Parents are running around basting the turkey and making the stuffing. Aunt and Uncles are pouring the wine and setting up the cheese board. Even grandparents are frequently stopping by the kitchen to check on their famous Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.  Too often, the kids are left to their own devices during Thanksgiving preparations and are often found very bored and very underfoot.

To keep them occupied and out of the kitchen, prepare Thanksgiving day crafts for them to busy their hands with before dinner. Convert the craft table into a kids table when dinner is ready to be served! Here are a few fun project ideas to get them started. 

Mayflower Boats

Have a kid that cannot get enough of their juice boxes? Save a few that the kids can use to create miniature Mayflower boats. With a bit of paint, glue, and scrap paper on the box and a toothpick mast with paper sails, and voila, the kids can pretend their mini Mayflower is sailing to the new world on its maiden voyage. Click here for instructions.

Boxed Play Kitchen

Happen to have a ton of old boxes around? Have the kids make their own play kitchen! Using markers and paint, turn a box into a microwave, stove and refrigerator. Not only will they have fun building it, they’ll be entertained for hours playing with it as they pretend to roast the turkey and bake up some pies.

Fork Art


Using plastic utensils and paint, your kids can make everything from a Turkey’s feather to green grass. They’ll love the cool designs they can make and will feel extra crafty with this neat little trick! Click here for the instructions.