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America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions

Be afraid, be very afraid
haunted house scary

The Daily Meal has rounded up America’s scariest Halloween attractions sure to spook you all October long.

While many of us spend our Halloweens dressing up in silly costumes and consuming as much candy as humanly possible, there are people who want to be scared. Instead of hitting up their local pumpkin patch, apple orchard, or corn maze, they’re scouting out the most terrifying haunted houses, attractions, and hayrides in search of a good dose of fear.

America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions Gallery

Luckily, all over America, Halloween haunts are being set up for the month of October. Attractions with spooky insane asylums, haunted prisons, murder houses, and zombie invasions crop up during this fall month for thrill-seekers who want to scream their heads off. The Daily Meal has found the scariest Halloween attractions in America by scouring reviews and rankings from nationally respected “Haunt” organizations, and now we’re cluing you in so you can have your scariest Halloween yet.

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If you’re ready to scream bloody murder with your friends and family, be chased through an amusement park with chainsaws, or visit a haunted house in an actually haunted prison, you need to check out The Daily Meal’s guide to America’s scariest Halloween attractions.