9 Fireworks-Inspired Drinks for Your Cookout

Make your Fourth of July party sparkle with these innovative recipes for fireworks-inspired cocktails
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Toast to America with glasses full of red, white, and booze!

You can’t get more American than celebrating Independence Day with a good old-fashioned cookout. While you may be tempted to simply serve friends and family the classic menu of burgers, hot dogs, and beer, why not make your party pop with star-spangled cocktails?

Check Out the Fireworks-Inspired Drink Recipes

Put away those beer koozies, because we have rounded up nine innovative, fun cocktails inspired by fireworks. Just like the fireworks displays that light up the night sky, you’ll be lighting up your guests’ faces when they take a sip of these uniquely crafted cocktails that fizz and sparkle. Some of the featured cocktails use ingredients like Pop Rocks and Champagne, and will literally pop in their mouths. Others draw on the patriotic color palate and look main-event worthy in all of their red, white, and blue glory.

These recipes run the gamut: We have punches, Champagne cocktails, and margaritas. Unless you’re really ambitious, we suggest tackling just one or two of these fireworks-inspired libations for your party. Be sure to stock up on ingredients like blue Curaçao, vodka, cranberry juice, and rimming sugar.

Blue Independence Cocktail

The cocktail so patriotic, it even has the word “independence” in its name. This gin-based drink made with fresh blueberries was created by Brian McFarland (general manager at 41 Ocean Club in Santa Monica) and Walter Easterbrook (a bartender at The Bowery in New York City). Get your taste buds popping by rimming the glass with sparkling rimming sugar.

Firework Party Punch

What’s better: the fireworks in the sky, or the ones at the bottom of your glass? It’s a toss-up with this spiced cranberry, gin-based cocktail from McFarland and Easterbrook that’s so ruby red, your guests will be “oohing” and “ahhing” even before the fireworks displays begin.

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