Easy 'Spooky' Halloween Treats for Your Halloween Party

Simple, sweet, and spooky, these Halloween treats will totally amp up your Halloween party

Scary Halloween Treats

There is no denying that Halloween is all about the Halloween candy. From the homemade Halloween candy to the night spent trick-or-treating, this spooky holiday is synonymous with the sweet stuff. And while your candy bowl is full all season long, you want to mix it up with a variety of spooky Halloween treats that will make guests “scream.”

But if you don’t have time to bake elaborate Halloween cakes or intricately detailed Halloween treats, you can just make these semi-homemade sweets instead. With a little ingenuity and an eye for the fright factor, these sweets will scream Halloween!

Spider Web Cinnamon Rolls for Halloween Breakfast

These playful cobweb cinnamon rolls are fun to serve for a Halloween-themed breakfast. The colorful spiders add to the fun!

Meatball Mummy Crescent Bites For Halloween Recipe

These meatball mummy bites are the perfect kid-size appetizer. Great to serve at your next Halloween party!

Mummy Cookies for Halloween Recipe

These bright and colorful Mummy Cookies are a fun twist on traditional mummies. Fun to decorate, and yummy to eat.

These simple ghost cookies add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween festivities. Kids will have fun decorating their own ghosts.

Wrap up a hot dog in true mummy fashion in this fun Halloween take on classic Crescent Dogs.

There's nothing freaky about this friendly Frankenstein monkey bread! Kids will love to eat this special Halloween-themed breakfast treat.


Kids will love these chocolaty witch hat-shaped crescent snacks. They’re easy to make with only 3 ingredients!