9 Easy, Impressive Recipes to Rock Your Bake Sale

These recipes are unbelievably easy — and no one will know

Try making individually-sized like cupcakes or cookies for a bake sale.

With summer coming to an end and back-to-school right around the corner you’re bound to participate in a few bake sales during the upcoming weeks. Whether you’re joining with a group of friends to raise money for a good cause or baking for your child’s school fundraiser, you’re going to need a few good recipes. Baking beautiful and delicious treats for a bake sale can be overwhelming so we’ve rounded up some of the easiest recipes; recipes that you can make in little time, with few ingredients but that still taste delicious and look beautiful.

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One of the keys to baking for a bake sale is making treats that are easy to divide into small portions. That makes it easier to sell items individually and for a smaller price. It can also eliminate the need for some packaging; some people may decide to purchase a cookie or piece of candy to eat on the spot. For those that are buying multiple items or purchasing items for later, smaller items can be easier to pack — you can use small boxes, cellophane bags, or even sealed glass jars.

If you’re hosting or contributing to a bake sale you’ll also want to make sure that there is a good variety of items offered at the bake sale. Try to offer variety not only in terms of type of pastry (be it slices of cake or individual hand pies) but in terms of flavors as well; a well-rounded bake sale will offer not only sweet items made with chocolate, fruit, marshmallow, or nuts, but also savory ones like herb and cheese biscuits or soft pretzels.

If you’re participating in a bake sale and want to make a variety of individually sized treats but are short on time or ingredients, check out some of these solutions. They’re easy to make and sure to impress at your next bake sale.

Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

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Baking has never been easier — you only need three ingredients to make these delicious peanut butter cookies.

Oreo Truffles

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Even though they’re easy to make, these confections are sure to impress at your next bake sale. Try drizzling the Oreo truffles with white chocolate too.

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