10 Family Christmastime Traditions to Start Now

Add extra magic to your holiday season and create memories that will last a lifetime
Christmas traditions


Set up holiday memories that your children will cherish forever.

If you’re new parents or simply want to build upon the Christmas festivities you’ve already established, trying to get creative with new family traditions can be a bit of a struggle. There’s nothing like Christmas from a child’s point of view, and you don’t want these short years to go to waste. So, that raises the question: How do you make your holiday season extra special and something that your children look forward to all year long?

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The answer lies in establishing special family traditions that you do year after year. In addition to being a time for cookies, shopping, and endless loops of “Let it Snow” on the radio, Christmastime is the season for spending time with family. From chopping down a Christmas tree to watching holiday specials to keeping an eye out for Santa Claus, there are endless ways to add extra magic to your Christmas each and every December, and to build family memories that will last a lifetime.


Don’t be afraid to embrace the holiday cheer. Rock those matching Christmas sweaters, check out those holiday lighting displays, and get started on new holiday traditions this year with these 10 festive ideas.