Hey, Chef: What's in Your Fridge? Round Up

Christy Vega

As chef Christy Vega showed on The Latin Kitchen, her fridge has lots of fresh foods, including vegetables like corn, green beans, lettuce, and carrots, as well as fruits like watermelon and bananas. Vega says she always has yogurt, eggs, pickles, and beer in the fridge, too (hey, us too). Her other must-haves include hummus with pretzels, wine, and Mexican spices.

Bobby Flay

Celebrity chef and cookbook author Bobby Flay’s New York City apartment kitchen is practical, but fun.

According to Food Network Magazine, Flay’s kitchen features sturdy white metal cabinets that are made for hospitals to hold dishes and cooking tools.

Flay and his actress wife Stephanie March know how to keep their kitchen clean, thanks to two white dishwashers.

For entertainment while he cooks, Flay plugs his iPod into the wall to play all his favorite songs and watches TV on a built-in flat-screen TV.

Carmelo LaMotta

According to the Marco Island Sun Times, chef Carmelo LaMotta’s refrigerator is filled with oranges and pomegranates, spiced rum, Italian wine, and fresh berries.

Giada De Laurentiis

Chef Giada De Laurentiis tells People Magazine the fridge at her Los Angeles home is stocked with fruit like strawberries; juices like apple, orange, and cranberry; and cheeses including string cheese (a favorite of her daughter Jade’s) as well as, of course, Parmigiano-Reggiano.

According to Architectural Digest, De Laurentiis’ kitchen has four ovens and two dishwashers. Its stylish white marble countertops are complemented by brown cabinets and white concrete floors.

Chris Hastings

Chef Chris Hastings tells AndrewZimmern.com that his refrigerator is pretty much empty except for milk, black raspberry jelly, water, yogurt, and beer, and maybe a few fruits and vegetables from time to time, too.  

Guy Fieri

Food Network host Guy Fieri has a 900-square-foot kitchen at his Santa Rosa, Calif., home, reports the Daily Herald.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the property includes an organic farm complete with a chicken coop.

Food Network Magazine notes the star chef’s kitchen includes foot-pedal-operated sinks (so Fieri can use the sink without using his hands), as well as his and hers refrigerators, which feature self-closing doors. 

Alex Montiel

Chef Alex Montiel tells The Hook that his fridge always has milk, ketchup, cheese, and soda — one bin of Diet Coke and another bin of 7UP.

Kimberly Polsen

According to DailyCandy, forchef Kimberly Polsen, a stocked fridge means one that's loaded with ingredients for salads and smoothies, such as fruits and kale.

Paula Deen

The kitchen at Paula Deen’s Wilmington, Ga., home is what the Food Network chef and author calls "ideal." As Deen explained to FrontDoor.com, the kitchen includes a large copper hood, which covers all her cooking equipment, like her deep-fryer.

The space also features custom-made copper sinks and enough room for three to four people to be in the kitchen with the Southern chef.

Hugh Amano

Chef Hugh Amano tells Chicago Reader his fridge features kitchen staples like eggs, bread, jelly, butter, tortillas, and yogurt. He also has in-season fruits and vegetables, as well as beer.

Kevin Sbraga

While Top Chef season seven winner Kevin Sbraga tells CityEats he doesn’t have much time to cook at home, he keeps his fridge full anyway. Many items like applesauce and sparkling water belong to his wife and kids, though. Wife and kids aside, Sbraga is always stocked up on his must-haves: mayonnaise, hot sauce, and coffee creamer.

Tyler Florence

Chef, Food Network star, and author Tyler Florence’s Mill Valley, Calif., home has plenty of character.

According to Food Network Magazine, the star’s kitchen includes a salvaged 1,000-pound butcher-block-turned cabinet, Florence’s collection of vintage knives, and an image of "The Last Supper" to remind the celebrity chef that every meal should be as good like you’d like your last meal to be.

For a caffeine boost, Florence relies on his $1,499 Gaggia Platinum Swing espresso machine.

Ina Garten

Food Network Magazinesays Barefoot Contessa star Ina Garten calls her kitchen, which features white cabinets and backless bar stools, "the barn." She has two refrigerators and two dishwashers.


Forget relying on overhead lights, Garten prefers the soft light of lamps.


She stores cutting boards and cooling racks in large baskets, and keeps kitchen essentials like her food processor and juicer on the counter for easy access. 

Mike Isabella

Chef Mike Isabella tells Brightest Young Things his fridge has lots of drinks (water, Snapple, and champagne) and condiments (mustards and chile sauces). He also has cured meats, cheeses, and eggs. Isabella’s freezer is packed with tomato soup, pierogies, steaks, bacon, and gelato.

Elizabeth Falkner

According to CityEats, chef Elizabeth Falkner of Krescendo likes to cook at home often. Her fridge is stocked with ketchup, olive oil, eggs, butter, lemons, bacon, and fresh produce.

Mario Batali

TV chef and author Mario Batali says his kitchen and wine room are his two favorite rooms. In a The Chew video posted on Esquire.com, he describes the balance between wine and food as 50 percent — how perfectly balanced.

Batali’s kitchen features light green cabinets and stainless steel appliances including double ovens — one for cooking, one for warming.

Other kitchen staples include an espresso maker, a blender, and a large counter for prep. The quirkiest thing in his kitchen? A wall of vintage chef heads that dispense string!

Joey Campanaro

While he may be cooking up a storm at the restaurant, chef Joey Campanaro of The Little Owl tells CityEats his refrigerator has just the basics, including ham, bacon, and fresh produce like salads.

Rachael Ray

TV host and chef Rachael Ray’s New York City kitchen may be small, but she makes the space work.

In a segment on Ray's show, she explained how her color scheme was inspired by bright tiles she picked up on her Italian honeymoon, including colors like orange, yellow, red, and blue.  Ray’s dishwasher and refrigerator are painted Portuguese blue, and she uses colorful dishes and open cabinets to complete the look.

For fun, Ray has donkey figurines throughout her kitchen.

Joe Yonan

Whenever Washington Post Food editor Joe Yonan showed Brightest Young Things his refrigerator, it was full of cooking inspiration. The fridge had cilantro, avocado, red curry paste, ricotta cheese, boneless ham steak, heavy cream, and coconut water.

Nigella Lawson

The kitchen at celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s London townhouse is a mix of old and new. The dark wood looks old but new appliances keep things modern.

According to Food Network Magazine, Lawson has four — yes, four — refrigerators! One is the family’s main fridge, while a half fridge is for drinks and another half fridge is for produce. The other is for Lawson’s cookbook projects.

For convenience, she stores tools in canisters on her stainless steel counter and on wall racks.

John Tesar

Chef and season 10 Top Chef contestant John Tesar tells D Magazine he has a lot of butter even though he doesn’t eat it often. Tesar’s fridge also has ZeroWater and beer like Dos Equis and Heineken. While his fridge also has zucchini and cucumber, Tesar says those items are the most likely to rot because they’re often unused. In his freezer? Cinnamon buns, ice cream, and meatballs. 

Wolfgang Puck

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck’s white country-themed kitchen has marble countertops and built-in wine racks, reports Food Network Magazine.

The airy kitchen also showcases an open rack of pots and pans over the sink. The famous chef’s kitchen is also kid-friendly, since he and wife Gelila have two young children.