Hearty, Healthy Ways to Eat Kale Slideshow

Kale and Cheddar Strata

This sensational savory strata is a great make-ahead dish that's perfect for a special brunch. Make kale and Cheddar strata.

Toasted Pepita with Kale Pesto

This vivid green, flavorful pesto is just the thing to have on hand for quick snacks and weeknight dinners. Make toasted pepita kale pesto.

Kale and Pinto Bean Tacos

Give taco night a healthy makeover with these yummy kale pinto bean tacos served with sweet sautéed onions. Make kale pinto bean tacos.

Classic Kale Chips

Want to make a healthy snack that everyone (seriously!) will love? Try kale chips. They'll quickly become a snack-time fave. Make classic kale chips.