Healthy Nachos Recipe

This healthy nachos recipe uses lots of fresh and flavorful ingredients
Healthy Nachos Recipe
Sun Cafe Organic

In this healthy riff on traditional nachos, jicama takes the place of corn chips.

Are nachos healthy? The answer to that question depends upon a number of factors. Though nachos often have a bad reputation as being loaded with fat and calories, a delicious plate of nachos doesn’t have to be a total diet-bomb. If you’re looking for healthy nachos that are full of authentic flavor and fresh ingredients, you’ll love this recipe, in which the nachos are topped with a homemade cumin-infused nacho “cheese,” made out of a red bell pepper and sunflower seed paste, plus creamy guacamole, and fresh tomato salsa.

This recipe uses sliced jicama as the base of the dish. The jicama adds a fresh, juicy, and slightly sweet crunch to the nachos; it’s a nice complement to creamy ingredients like guacamole and makes the perfect vehicle for scooping up extra cheese and salsa. If you want to make a more traditional plate of healthy nachos, replace the jicama with corn chips.  Your nachos will still be loaded with raw vegetables making them much healthier than their cheesy, refried bean–topped counterparts.

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