The Year's Biggest Health Questions Answered

Is sugar worse than fat? Does coffee protect against cancer? Find out here

Is sugar worse than fat? It’s looking like it. 

Every year a tidal wave of contradictory studies about diet, dietary supplements, and workout regimens floods the internet, inundating readers with promises of a healthier existence. The reason for the constant influx of conflicting information is that health and nutrition are incredibly complex areas of study. Since each individual has a unique genetic makeup, the broad generalizations of popular science fail to adequately address the true intricacies of human health.  

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For example, the diet of the world’s oldest woman, 116-year-old Emma Morano, consists of two raw eggs every morning, an omelette for lunch, chicken for dinner, cookies throughout the day, and very few fruits and vegetables. The previous record-holder for the oldest person in the world ate bacon, a processed meat recently condemned by the World Health Organization, every day until she died.   

The constant influx of information is overwhelming and difficult to navigate, and our busy lives require quick, concise, and direct answers to our health-related questions. Though it may seem like nutritionists and doctors are constantly changing their opinions regarding dietary and medical advice, many of our most pertinent and relevant health-related questions do find a degree of consensus within the medical community.


Here’s this year’s biggest health questions answered.