This Weed Is Actually Good for You

You may want to keep some of the weeds found in your garden

Thinkstock / mansum008

Purslane is a common garden weed that has more benefits than you would think.

If you enjoy gardening, you despise garden weeds just as much as the next person. A common garden weed that you may have removed time and time again without thinking about it is purslane, also known as Portulaca oleracea. It’s hard to believe, but purslane has more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than a large number of fish oils and it has one of the highest levels of vitamin A of all the leafy greens.

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This weed possesses green leaves and yellow flowers, making it pleasing to the eye. The seeds of purslane prevail through many different climates and can flourish in land for up to 40 years. The antioxidants and anti-mutagens found in purslane include beta-cyanis and beta-xanthis, which protect the body against free radicals that can start negative chain reactions in the body.

The benefits found in purslane do not compare to any of the pricey supplements that you can purchase at the store. If this healthy weed is accessible to you, you should incorporate it into your daily life by adding it to your meals.


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