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10 Trendy ‘Health Foods’ That Are Anything But Healthy

Don’t fall victim to false advertising and misleading science
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Trendy health foods are just that — trends

Nutritional science is engaged in a neverending tug-of-war. It only takes one small study to rattle the cages of every health, science, or food publication on the internet, resulting in dramatic and misleading headlines like “Science Says An Ingredient In French Fries Could Actually Burn Fat.”

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Healthy food trends fall victim to the same sensationalism. As watered-down science circulates through social media feeds and newsletters, perfectly reasonable ingredients like gluten, meat, or dairy are demonized, their absence a marker of a food’s nutritional status. Food manufacturers exploit these trends and slap labels on their food products like “gluten-free” or “humanely raised,” which indirectly connote an aspect of health, even though many of these processed food products utilize extensive additives to replicate the main ingredients that they are missing. Creating a purely vegetarian meat alternative requires feats of food engineering that would make most customers shudder (or at least rethink their purchase).

Trendy health foods are just that — trends. They will never replace the tried and true nutrition advice of a well-balanced diet. Cold-pressed juices might be in vogue today, but they will never replace whole fruit. People tend to make healthy eating more difficult than it needs to be, especially when they become obsessed with trends.


Here are 10 “healthy foods” that are anything but healthy.