Things Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You About Your Diet

"You are what you eat," is an easily tossed around saying — but it's actually truer than you might think. Though a person's weight and size can't always reveal their health habits (and in fact a person can be obese and still eat really healthily) your skin-related dilemmas can be deciphered.

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Wrinkles, under-eye bags, and even acne could of course come from a variety of non-food-related causes. Aging happens over time and should be accepted rather than fretted over — the stress of worrying about wrinkles actually makes them worse. Acne could happen from any number of causes, even by contamination from the air around you — entirely out of your control. And sometimes, staying up late to finish that important project or meet that deadline is more important than the evidence in under-eye bags that might arise the morning after.

That being said, there are occasions when skin bumps and blemishes are caused by things that are in your control — including your diet. If you're doing all the right things in trying to take care of your skin and still not seeing results, some minor tweaks to your diet could do the trick to alleviate the issue.