Stop Believing These 25 Food and Exercise Myths

Friends don’t let friends believe these BS fitness tips

Find out what you should really be doing to try and get healthy. 

People used to believe crunches were the epitome of a good workout. Can you believe that? We can’t either, but if you asked someone in the ‘90s, they’d be on board. They might even have had a 30-day flat-belly plan filled with dozens and dozens of crunches tacked to their fridge.

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Honestly, people are always making assumptions and hearing inaccurate information about food and fitness. Fitness advice is always changing and people are always learning, but we’re definitely not at the end of misconceptions about weight loss.


Some of these common beliefs have already been debunked. I’ve been a fitness instructor for over two years and have heard a lot of crazy advice. I’ve taken a six-month course to become group-fitness certified, worked closely with nutritionists and fitness professionals, and read tons of information about health and wellness. Based on what I know from these experiences and as the healthy eating editor here at The Daily Meal, here are the 25 myths I think we all need to stop believing ASAP.