Shiryl Davis
Shiryl Davis

Fast Food Junkie Loses 172 Pounds Without Counting a Single Calorie

This former fast food junkie did it without counting a single calorie
Shiryl Davis
Shiryl Davis

Shiryl went from painful and debilitating obesity to becoming a healthy fitness instructor in this inspiring transformation

Obese, unhappy, and in constant pain, 380-pound Shiryl Davis decided to make a change. She was bingeing on junk food, eating frosting from the can, and suffering from debilitating Crohn’s disease. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, this inspiring woman put her lifestyle through a complete overhaul — she quit the food habits that made her feel sick and moved in ways that made her body feel renewed.

It didn’t take anything extreme to spark her transformation. She didn’t count calories (in fact, she never counted a single one) and didn’t go hungry at all during her weight loss.

Eating until she was satisfied and taking care not to overdo it in the gym, Shiryl lost 172 pounds and totally transformed her life.

Once her mind was set on making a change, it was inevitable. Her excess weight shed naturally over time and her painful experiences with Crohn’s ceased completely.

Now, Shiryl is a certified fitness instructor, health coach, and ray of positive light to those around her. No longer will her weight or her suffering health hold her back — now, she finds joy in her life every day.


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