small symptoms

15 Small Symptoms That Could Signal Something Serious

Not to freak you out, but these symptoms are kind of a big deal
small symptoms

Don't ignore these signs!

If you have an annoying cough or a headache, it’s easy to brush it off like it’s no big deal. We experience these innocent little symptoms all the time — an ache here, a pain there, or some other strange feeling. These symptoms tend to disappear quickly; going to the doctor every time you experience one would rack up quite the medical bill.

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Even still, some people can’t help but freak out at every tiny potential sign. They’ll get a headache and scour the internet for signs they have cancer. They’ll find a freckle and assume it’s melanoma. That kind of worrying will drive you bonkers — and could really worsen your anxiety.


It’s helpful to know what to look for and when there’s actually a reason to be alarmed, so you don’t have to flip your lid every time you get a muscle cramp. Often, symptoms can be alleviated with something simple, like making sure you drink enough water or getting more of nutrients you’re missing from your diet. But there are some symptoms that, while they seem benign, could signal something serious.