This Simple Trick Turns Any Fruit Into Super-Sweet Dessert

It’s as simple as turning on the stove

Healthy sweets aren’t easy to come by — and when you do find a healthy dessert recipe you actually want to eat, it’s often really complicated. Between the blending, emulsifying, freezing, and “letting sit for at least eight hours,” many healthy treats are honestly more effort to make than they’re worth. If you’re anything like us, it’s likely you’re just going to grab a cookie and call it a day.

Well, there’s a simpler solution to your diet-friendly dessert woes. And no, we aren’t here to tell you that “fruit is nature’s candy” or whatever other blatant lies you’ve heard again and again from the usual diet advocates.

Fruit isn’t candy, stevia isn’t sugar, and your cravings for sweets didn’t “disappear” on that cleanse. You’re probably tired and frustrated with being repeatedly disappointed in your hankering for sweets. I have upsetting news for you: It’s not going away.

But here’s something you can rely on to help satisfy your cravings the healthy way: Fruit gets SO much sweeter when you cook it.

No, fruit isn’t nature’s candy. But if you’re trying to sweeten an otherwise-bland healthy pancake or a boring bowl of oatmeal, cooking your fruit before adding it can seriously help to jack up the flavor.

For example: Have you ever tried frying a banana? It caramelizes and gets so syrupy-sweet. The brown, gooey banana you’re left with after searing it on the stove makes a fantastic healthy pancake topper — your breakfast will still taste super sweet without wrecking your low-sugar stack with pools of maple syrup.

What about baking a pear? This one’s a bit more popular of a practice, but the result is the same. Cook the fruit and it gets way better.

Sautéing apples. Grilling a peach. When you simmer frozen raspberries in a small saucepan, it makes low-sugar raspberry jam.

You can really cook all your fruit and the result will always taste sweeter.

So next time you’re craving sugar, instead of giving up on your health goals and setting yourself loose on a bag of candy, sauté a banana and drizzle it with some peanut butter. The resulting treat is so delectable and so healthy that both your cravings and your diet will leave satisfied.

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