graduation tossing caps

Photo Modified: Flickr / Shilad Sen / CC BY 4.0

Real World Food 101: Practical Cooking Presents for Your Recent Grad

Did you or a loved one recently graduate? These kitchen tools and smart snacks will make entering the real world much easier
graduation tossing caps

Photo Modified: Flickr / Shilad Sen / CC BY 4.0

Trade your cap and gown in for a knife and fork.

Oh, undergraduate years, how we miss you so. As an undergrad, food is simple: You have a perpetual dining hall buffet, a fraternity chef, and/or a slew of college bars with cheap, greasy foods to pick from. Like all good things, though, your first four (or five, for some of us) years of college must come to an end and, unless you were smart enough to take a cooking class here or there, you’ll have to learn how to feed yourself a little more smartly as a real world adult big person. Horrifying, isn’t it?

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College graduation ceremonies are happening all across the country and your recently graduated loved ones are being released from sublime, voluntary captivity. Whether you yourself or your beloved grad are (or is) getting set up in a new apartment or starting a new job, we have some practical presents that will help you or your new big person dip into the bowl that is introductory adult nourishment.

Small Apartment, Big Stomach?
Save space in your tiny apartment with the T-Fal 10-in-1 Rice & Multi-Cooker. With 10 cooking programs, including rice, risotto, reheat, oatmeal, slow-cook, steam/soup, yogurt, baking, browning, and keep warm, this is the ultimate machine to have on hand. It does it all! And just in case you or your grad might not be the best cook, the innovative T-Fal OptiGrill Plus is a fool-proof way to cook meats, vegetables, and fish. It features a cooking sensor that guarantees a perfectly cooked meal every time.

When the Fridge Is Empty
Recent grads should not have to eat ramen or pizza bagels for dinner every night. Stock the freezer with healthy, plant-based meals from Veestro — a leading plant-based meal delivery program that delivers nutritious and delicious meals directly to your door. Get started on the right track to a healthier lifestyle with meals that are ready to heat and eat, no cooking required!

No Snacks? No Problem
When they first move into their apartment, grads most likely aren't thinking about their empty pantry. Make sure you leave your grad (or stock yourself) with something to snack on, especially snacks that can be eaten without any guilt. Put together a package of Viki's Granola, Go Organically, and Bauli Mini Croissants so you or your grad has something to reach for when the post-move cravings kick in.

Cooking and Baking Essentials They Won't Buy for Themselves
Chances are that your grad will eventually be attempting to cook, so make sure he or she is using quality products like Gaea Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Or if your grad is more of the grab-and-go type, add an extra nutritional punch to his or her smoothies by stocking the pantry with Carrington Farms Flax Chia Paks. Let's just say it's your way of ensuring that your grad is maintaining some sort of health regimen.


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