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This Is The Only Candy Tom Brady Will Eat

And it’s not even that healthy
tom brady

The famous football player is known for his odd dietary choices. 

Some would call Tom Brady’s dietary habits “health-conscious.” Others call him crazy. But regardless of whether you consider the football star’s regimen healthy or deranged, there’s no doubt that he cuts out more foods than he actually eats. The guy won’t even eat a tomato.

In his recently published book, The TB12 Method, he outlines a routine of extreme food restriction and routine-oriented living. Though he admits to the occasional ice cream cone to go along with his four-ingredient smoothies and fish with a side of vegetables, we doubt the athlete is eating Snickers and gummies this Halloween.

“I don’t plan ‘cheat days’ … I actually don’t believe in the idea,” he told People. And Halloween would be no exception.

However, he does believe in one candy company — specifically, the all-natural, non-GMO manufacturer UnReal Candy.

In a hilariously overacted commercial, Brady endorses UnReal’s tiny chocolate morsels, a “healthier” remake of M&M’s.


The candies are made with sustainable ingredients and are non-GMO certified, organic, vegan, and gluten free — yet they somehow still taste like M&M’s and hopefully won’t inflame Brady’s very sensitive stomach.

But they’re still candy — the main ingredient is chocolate, and the second is cane sugar. Going in on a bag of these isn’t going to be the same as sipping one of Brady’s seedy smoothies.

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Using the power of Brady’s health influence and his acclaim as an athlete, the company advertises their morsels as a good idea for a frequent snack. The candy’s website features an interactive game where you can “train with Tom” and learn about opportunities to win even more candy — though Brady probably wouldn’t approve of your Halloween candy binge.