Eat Like Tom Brady With His New Meal Subscription Service

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife are known for their restrictive eating habits: Brady won't eat any processed foods, completely eliminates sugar and fruit, and has never had a drink of coffee. Brady's new meal subscription service, launched in collaboration with The Purple Carrot, offers a meal kit that is almost (but not quite) as limiting.

The TB12 Performance Meals are vegan, gluten-free, totally free of processed foods, and restrictive regarding soy and sugar. For $78 per week, subscribers can cook and enjoy high-performance meals that are almost completely plant-based. If you really want to eat like a Super Bowl winner, you'll have to forego coffee and alcohol too, as difficult as that may be.

"The team at Purple Carrot is so aligned with the way we think about food as a key component to sustaining peak performance and maximizing overall wellness that it became a very easy decision for us to join forces," the "Deflategate denier said in a press release. "Eating meals just like the ones we'll send out to our customers has helped me stay at the top of my game, and it's really exciting to be able to deliver the recipes and ingredients for people to easily cook these meals at home."