Never Refrigerate These 20 Foods

These items are better kept warm

People tend to turn to their fridge for storing any and everything. We’re not sure if it’s the frightening potential of contamination, the fear of fruit flies, or some other kitchen storage nightmare precaution, but refrigerators are the default option for storing almost all of our groceries.

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There are tons of foods that we don’t need to refrigerate but we do anyway. Ketchup, for instance, is perfectly fine stored at room temperature, but we keep our big ketchup bottles in the fridge. Think about it — fast food chains keep ketchup in unrefrigerated packets all the time. Pickles, too, are perfectly fine left out on the counter or in the pantry without being chilled. There are so many preservatives in the brine that expiring is highly unlikely.

Refrigerators, while safe for some foods, are actually the opposite for others. Exposure to the frigid fridge air can harm certain fruits and vegetables, dry out some of our favorite foods, and cause leaves to wilt and whither in shorter times. While there are tons of foods we don’t need to chill but do anyway, there are some foods that actually could become less tasty or healthy when you store them in the refrigerator.

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