How Many Sit Ups Does It Take to Burn Off Wendy’s?

You’ll be amazed to see how many crunches a Wendy’s burger is worth

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Wendy's provides nutritional information for all of its menu items online.

“You shall not pass [this fast food fitness exam],” a sage bearded man named Gandalf (sort of) once said. In the spirit of fitness, it’s often fun to see how much of a certain exercise it takes to burn off the foods we eat every day. We were curious to see how many sit ups it would take to burn off some classic meals from Wendy’s, and the results are ab-solutely insane (first sit up pun).

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists the average female height to be 63.8 inches and weight to be 166.2 pounds. For men, the average height is 69.3 inches and 195.5 pounds. Thus, we used these measurements for a person 35 years of age for the number crunching (there’s another sit up pun) behind the calculations that follow. Keep in mind, these numbers vary and the following results are very “give or take.” Oh, and we assumed that this man and woman could do 30 sit ups in a minute. So, there’s that.

When selecting which menu items to include, we went to the top-ranking informational powerhouse on the internet: Yahoo! Answers. We decided to go with an answer posted seven years ago by a user named Vinegar Clan for some of our menu items while adding in a few personal favorites, all in the name of science. It got one thumbs up and, thus, was deemed the best answer — that’s how we knew it was legit. Without further ado, please enjoy these ab-surd (back at it again with the ab puns!) numbers of sit ups you’d need to do to burn off your Wendy’s.

Oh, we almost forgot: May the odds be ever in your favor. And, as they once said in Liam Neeson’s Taken, “Good luck.”

Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Calories: 350
Number of sit ups for a woman: 1,052.9
Number of sit ups for a man: 895.1

Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger
Calories: 380
Number of sit ups for a woman: 1,143.2
Number of sit ups for a man: 971.9

Medium Classic Chocolate Frosty®
Calories: 460
Number of sit ups for a woman: 1,383.9
Number of sit ups for a man: 1,176.5

10 Piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets
Calories: 470
Number of sit ups for a woman: 1,414.0
Number of sit ups for a man: 1,202.0

Large Natural-Cut Fries
Calories: 530
Number of sit ups for a woman: 1,594.5
Number of sit ups for a man: 1,355.5

Calories: 930
Number of sit ups for a woman: 2,797.8
Number of sit ups for a man: 2,378.5

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