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Fall Dinner Recipes That Squash the Competition

From acorn to butternut, we’ve got recipes

No one can seem to get enough of pumpkin once fall hits. Don’t even get us started on the hype around pumpkin spice. But consumers’ boisterous enthusiasm for this particular breed of squash overshadows the potential of its equally delicious (though admittedly less attractive) cousins. From kabocha to acorn, the gourd possibilities are endless.

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Squashes are great for your health — they have fiber, complex carbohydrates, and nutrients your body needs to prepare for wintertime. The beta-carotene in orange varieties of squash helps preserve your eyesight. Magnesium, present in most types of squash, can keep you feeling energized and alert without becoming anxious or stressed during the holiday season.

These recipes are perfect for cooking healthy meals for a family, meal prepping for one, or just trying to keep your dinners on the healthier side. We have options that use the versatile vegetable for meals that take a little more time, but also for nights when you want dinner on the table in thirty minutes or less. No matter what the occasion, though, these healthy recipes will squash the competition.

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