14 Weird Pizza Toppings Around The World

Pizza is a magical word. Say it to elicit slow nods, meaningfully closed eyes, and sometimes even clasped hands raised toward the heavens. It's a quick, easy, and usually cheap food that has become ingrained in our culture, and each varying type is a regional phenomenon — think New York-style and Chicago deep dish. Although 93 percent of Americans have at least one slice every month, the United States isn't the only country with a love of pizza. Over five billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year, and over 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second. No wonder bedspreads devoted to pepperoni and portable pizza pouches for hanging a cheesy slice around your neck (they're only $8, people) exist.

Although the U.S. is quite passionate about pizza, our toppings are pretty tame compared to the rest of the world. Cheese, pepperoni, and sausage aren't too out of the ordinary when compared to choices like smoked reindeer and haggis. Read on to discover 14 of the weirdest pizza toppings around the world — then mark them on your bucket list to try.