These Are The Worst Cereal Culprits For Overeating

You know the drill: You pour in some cereal and add milk, then you run out of milk so you pour in more, then you add extra cereal when you realize you've poured in too much milk. It's easy to overeat when it comes to breakfast cereal. New data from the fitness and weight-loss app Lose It! has identified the most popular cereals among all of their users, as well as the culprit breakfast bowls that we're most likely to overeat.

The two most popular cereals are the classic Honey Nut Cheerios and original Cheerios. Unsurprisingly, the cereals we're most likely to consume beyond the recommended serving size are the sugary ones. Users of the app tended to overeat Frosted Mini-Wheats (which has 11 grams of sugar in each serving) by 100 calories, Cinnamon Toast Crunch (with 9 grams of sugar in each serving) by 100 extra calories, and Frosted Flakes (10 grams of sugar in each serving) by 82 extra calories.

Lifestyle and fitness personality Jenna Wolfe, a member of the app's advisory board, offered tips for healthy cereal consumption along with the data release. Wolfe explained that cereal-eaters should always read the back of the box carefully to determine portion sizes, to seek out healthy ingredients, and to make sure any cereal is rich in fiber and protein and low on added sugar.

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