The Complete Guide To Making Pasta With Your Kids

Making pasta with your kids may sound like a recipe for a stressful, messy, and complicated few hours. Maybe you've always been too intimidated to try making pasta yourself — even though years ago you were given that pasta maker, which is still collecting dust at the back of your cupboard — and the thought of trying to learn with kids in tow fills you with dread. But before you get carried away imagining this to be a day of shouts, screams, and chaos, you should know that making pasta is actually a lot simpler than you think. Ignoring the inevitable amount of flour that will end up on the floor and in your hair, making pasta from scratch is the perfect rainy day activity for the whole family to get involved.

The Complete Guide to Making Pasta With Your Kids (Slideshow)

Unless you're a seasoned pasta-making professional, this is the kind of project you'll need some assistance with, so having some little helpers around to assist you throughout the process will, for once, be a help rather than a hindrance.

There's very little that you can do wrong when you're making pasta. The dough isn't too fragile, and the process requires a lot of simple mixing and kneading, while you transform two basic ingredients — flour and eggs — into silky, fresh pasta. Making pasta is one of the best ways to show kids the science behind food: They'll be amazed and inspired by how just two ingredients can be transformed into their favorite meal thanks to their own handiwork.

Whether you decide to create nests of tagliatelle, make simple pasta sheets to be baked in a lasagna, or build little parcels of ravioli, you start out with the same easy dough, and just shape it accordingly when the time comes. Don't be worried that you're being too ambitious; this whole pasta-making process is much easier than you can imagine, and the results will be wonderfully satisfying for you and the kids.

This step-by-step guide will take you through the simple stages of how to make pasta: In a couple of hours' time, a beautiful plate of homemade linguine can be all yours. Now, go find the kids, put your aprons on, and get in the kitchen.