Diet Advice You Need to Forget When You Turn 40

If you can quit these habits sooner, that’s even better
Diet Advice

Your body changes as you age — there’s no way around it. While the weight loss and health advice you received in your younger years may not have had a huge impact, it could have a larger effect once you get older.

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Your nutritional needs may change, too. Aging can amplify a number of health concerns, including bone density, skin health, and metabolism changes. It’s crucial that you support your body with proper nutrition as you get older to protect yourself against various medical problems. But the instructions and recommendations for what’s “healthy” can be really hard to follow. For one, they often contradict each other.


And at the same time, diet advice has changed a lot in recent years; the advice you heard when you were younger may not be as sound as you thought. Think about it — people used to think smoking a cigarette was healthier choice than eating a snack. What other old pieces of advice are better left behind? Here’s some diet advice you need to forget when you turn 40 — or even sooner, if you can.