The 25 Smartest New Year's Resolutions You Can Make

New Year's resolutions range in scope and symbolism, but they're usually based on the concept of self-improvement. The most popular resolutions, according to, are to improve mental well-being, get out of debt, spend more time with family, get a better job, and, of course, those ever-present goals that we can't seem to ever quite accomplish: lose weight and get in better shape.

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But these are just a small selection of the seemingly countless New Year's resolutions people make. We've compiled a list of the 25 smartest New Year's resolutions you can make, each with a varied degree of difficulty. Some can be accomplished in a day; others may take all year; and others still may require a lifetime of commitment.

Some of the (relatively) easier resolutions include making lists, picking up the phone more often to call loved ones, and acquiring a hobby. Some of the more difficult ones include quitting smoking, saving money, and committing to a workout regimen. Regardless of what your struggles are or what you need to work on in 2017, here are 25 places to start.