10 Revitalizing Yoga Retreats

Seek inner sanctum at these serene getaways


The daily grind can be exhausting. The work commute gets you into an office where you stare at a computer screen and put out all kinds of fires and while you’re working for the weekend, two days off aren’t always enough. What you really need is a vacation — and a restful one at that.

Now, take a deep, cleansing breath and imagine yourself posing in downward facing dog on the beaches of Sardinia, or holding the plank position in the mountainside of Baja California. A yoga-centric vacation is the perfect way to treat your body well and treat your mind even better. From stress-free stays in Palm Springs, where you can create your own yoga weekend itinerary to challenging your core on the northwest coast of Coast Rica, these relaxing, rejuvenating retreats are the perfect way to escape from the everyday and help you find your center.

You’ll forget how to check email on your smartphone when you journey to Puerto Calero in the Canary Islands to partake in the “Journey into Yoga” program on the Lanzarote beachfront. Spend your mornings meditating overlooking the ocean and perfecting your cobra pose, and your afternoons snorkeling, swimming, and spa-ing. Or enjoy fine dining and refining your practice in the jungle at the Haramara Resort in Nayarit, Mexico. If that’s not enough to hook you, we hear their margaritas are pretty killer.

So pack a suitcase and leave your work behind — we’ve rounded up ten yoga retreats that guarantee the only connection you’ll have is with your inner self.

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