20 Ways You’ve Been Using Your Microwave All Wrong

Exploding fruit, carcinogenic sausage, and food poisoning are only a few of the consequences you should avoid

We bet you didn't even know these items in the microwave could go so wrong

You’re not dumb — you know not to microwave tin foil and to double-check that you didn’t accidentally leave your metal spoon in the bowl. But there are tons of other ways people are getting it wrong with this common household appliance. You’re probably making at least a few of these mistakes.

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We’re sure you know what unhealthy foods you shouldn’t be eating, too. When it comes to your health, a good rule of thumb is to rule out ramen, TV dinners, and other microwavable classics. But even healthy foods — such as leftovers of veggie-packed dishes, olive oil, and fruit — can become harmful from the microwave’s heat waves.

Did you know grapes could literally combust in the heated chamber? What about eggs?


With such high temperatures and frequency of electromagnetic waves going on, microwaves were bound to be problematic in one way or another. The fact is, if you’re not careful, the inside of your kitchen’s heating chamber could turn into a splatter-stained, bacteria-infested wasteland.