17 Healthy Cooking Hacks for 2017

Ring in the new year with these clever, time-saving cooking hacks
Swap Cauliflower for Starches


Cauliflower is low in calories and nutrient dense, but, best of all, it can act as a stand-in for most starches.

“Lose weight” is the most popular New Year’s resolution, but it’s easier said than done. Diets are often extreme or complicated, and their long lists of restrictions and calorie limits make them difficult to follow.

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But losing weight isn’t about making a dramatic dietary shift; it’s about adopting eating habits that are sustainable in the long term. A three-day juice cleanse or a commitment to a week of baby food might lead to temporary weight loss (and potentially traumatic bathroom experiences), but the pounds come right back once you revert back to your normal eating habits.

To set your 2017 up for weight-loss success, you need to equip yourself with techniques and strategies that make healthy eating a realistic and attainable goal. These 17 cooking hacks will completely revolutionize the way you think about dieting. The tips and tricks revolve around saving time in the kitchen, making healthful ingredient swaps, and incorporating more wholesome foods into your favorite guilty pleasures. After swapping zucchini noodles for pasta or mashed cauliflower for potatoes, you’ll instantly realize that weight-loss doesn’t have to be a chore — instead, think of it as an outlet for creative expression. 


Here are 17 healthy cooking hacks for 2017.