The 12 Most Popular Workouts Of 2016

Doing the same workout routine each and every day, month after month, year after year, can get monotonous, and being bored at the gym is not a recipe for success. Whether lifting, running, or cycling, it's best to have the mind distracted from the burning sensation in your muscles, even while it's focused on the workout. Music, dancing, and group exercises are all powerful motivators, but athletes and fitness enthusiasts continue to develop new workouts that keep people both fit and entertained.  

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In 2016 we saw classic workouts fall out of fashion, vintage exercises re-emerge, and a whole crop of original classes, competitions, and fitness devices move into the exercise spotlight. Many of these were spins (if you'll pardon the expression) on workouts of the past. Yoga is not only being performed in saunas and studios, but is now also being practiced in hammocks suspended above the ground and on paddleboards drifting in the ocean.

Determining which workouts were the most popular in 2016 required an evaluation based on three criteria: level of originality, scope of practice, and accessibility to the public. If a workout was too niche, too old, or too expensive, it didn't make the list.

These were the most popular workouts of 2016.