10 Must-See Underwater Restaurants Around the World

If you’re looking to dine on seafood near its source, these 10 underwater restaurants are about as close as you can get

These restaurants are the best things under the sea, save for singing crabs.

Restauranteurs worldwide are in constant competition to come up with the next big thing. It might be a new uber-talented chef, it might be an inventive dish or a new way to prepare an existing dish, or — in this case — it might have to do with the setting.

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Ever since the first underwater restaurant opened in 2005 (read on for details), there’s been a new one bobbing up almost every year, and the trend is still continuing. In addition to 10 that are fully operational, another recently opened in Ahmedabad, India  (but had to be shut down after a day due to construction concerns… yikes!), and a new one is slated to open sometime this year or next in Maldives — joining three others already in existence in that tropical nation.

For purposes of this article, an “underwater” restaurant is any eatery in which you are entirely or almost entirely surrounded by water. This doesn’t necessarily mean the ceiling needs to be glass too, but diners should at least be seated below the water’s level.


The underwater restaurant options vary quite a bit in location, price, cuisine, dress code, and design — as does the sea life that swims by as diners watch in awe in between bites — so we decided to do a roundup of every one f around the world. These all come highly recommended (and in some cases are award-winning), so if you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of one, don’t hesitate, and dive right in. (Not literally, of course.)