Guy Fieri Is Getting Into the Wine Business

Look out, Sonoma: America's most loved (and hated) celebrity chef is coming for your wine glass
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Look for a Guy Fieri-branded wine, coming soon.

As if Guy Fieri hasn't done enough this year, now reports show the celebrity chef is hoping to make a dent in the wine business. 

The Press Democrat reports that Fieri bought a 5-acre pinot noir vineyard in Sonoma last year, in its Russian River appellation. Plus, Fieri's Knuckle Sandwich LLC submitted an application to open a wine tasting room on Willowside Road in Sonoma. Fieri told the Press Deocrat that opening a winery has always been a dream. "Ever since I moved to Sonoma County and saw all this incredible environment of wine, from the agricultural side of it to the business side of it, to the community involvement side of it ... I've just been in awe... So my wife and I were talking about it, and saying, 'Can we do that some day?'" he said to the Press Democrat.

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Fieri reportedly sold the first vintage to two other wineries, to Williams Selyem winery and Jackson Family Wines. Fieri has big plans for his Sonoma side venture; he plans to open not just a tasting room, but a space to educate children about cooking (and a place to crash with his wine buddies). But a Fieri-branded wine may be a bit farther off than we may hope (or not) for. Fieri says he may name it after his two sons, Hunter and Ryder, and call it Hunte and Ryde. We can only hope this goes better than his "nuclear waste" margarita at his infamous Times Square restaurant.