Did Guy Fieri Get Rid of the 'Nuclear Waste' Cocktail?

It seems like the drink is the first to go from Fieri's (poorly reviewed) menu

Blue curaçao is is probably the culprit of the nuclear taste.

It looks like Guy Fieri's Guy's American Kitchen & Bar has had its first casualty: the watermelon margarita, now known as the "nuclear waste" margarita. 

After Pete Wells tore apart Fieri's Times Square restaurant — including the margarita — Hollywood.com has caught onto the noticeably absent drink. Wrote Kelsea Shaffer in a review, "After a failed attempt to order the suspiciously blue watermelon margarita, we learned that Wells’ claims had killed the item. It had been dramatically stricken from the menu." Could it be that Wells killed the margarita? 


Eater also tore apart the drink in an earlier review, calling it "not so much a drink, as it is a cup of diabetes." Still, it looks like it's still gracing the pages of the cocktail menu. Now we know what's actually in the drink: El Jimador blanco tequila, watermelon, pineapple, lime and — what is probably the culprit of the nuclear taste — blue curaçao. We can think of a few better margarita recipes out there for those wanting a sugary blast of tequila.