A Guide To Flowers and Al Fresco Decoration Slideshow

Tie A Ribbon..

Daisies look so beautiful tied with a piece of ribbon (as above) and placed on your guests’ napkins.  You could also tie a flower to the back of the chairs. Fresh flowers look wonderful but a few sprigs of dried lavender also look great.

Another Use for a Mason Jar

Jam and Kilner jars look so pretty with a tea lights inside. Place them around the patio or garden, its an inexpensive way of creating a great atmosphere.

Napkin Pop

Buy a roll of bright colored ribbon and cut 6 inch strips of material. Roll up your napkins and using the ribbon strips tie a bow around each one.

A Fresh Take on Herbs

If you have Rosemary or Thyme growing in your garden, snip off some sprigs and place in colorful glasses. Line them along the center of the table, they will not only look beautiful but they will also smell wonderful!

Yes to Bunting!

Bunting is a gorgeous way to decorate the garden and is now widely available.

Lemon Lights

Make you own lemon candles by cutting out the tops of lemons and inserting a nite light inside. This not only smells gorgeous but they look beautiful dispersed around the table.

When Life Hands You Lemons..

Use seasonal vegetables as centerpieces. A big bowl of lemons or aubergines looks so pretty and you can use them afterwards too!

Grass Works, too!

If you dont have fresh flowers even pieces of long grass can be beautiful, displayed on your garden table as pictured below. Dont be afraid to be creative!