Girls' Weekend in Las Vegas

Because it’s been said that girls just wanna have fun

A weekend away with a pack of girls can be as raucous or pampering as the occasion calls for — bachelorette parties and spa weekends, for example, have very different sets of needs. Of course, there is one place that caters to any and every need, occasion, or whim. There’s one place where you can walk past people eating breakfast in the dress you wore last night without being judged, just as

you can disappear for hours in a spa without someone calling you lazy. That place is Las Vegas.

Las Vegas hotels are hubs of the majority of the city's action — spas, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shows, and activities all happen in their confines. Considering all the innumerable options, we’ve done all the trial and error (a tough job, to be sure) for you and chosen the best of Vegas for a girls' weekend away. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/s.yume)

Breakfast: Whether you’ve arrived in the morning, ready and hankering for a Bloody Mary, or spent your first night out on the Strip (and are, thus, ready and hankering for a Bloody Mary), make your way to the Encore Hotel’s breakfast buffet. They’ll make your morning’s cocktail at your table and we hear the Frosted Flakes French Toast is the breakfast of Vegas champions.

Lunch: The perfect Vegas lunch relies heavily on the girls you’re with — carbo-phobes will want to avoid Capriotti’s like the plague, even though those sandwiches are unforgettably delicious. Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill at Caesar’s Palace is ideal for accommodating a big group of varying tastes. Head to the Pink Taco at the Hard Rock Hotel to find a “day-after” meal of over-sized plates of comforting Mexican food.

Dinner: With no shortage of glitzy hot spots with low lights, loud music, and actually good food, Vegas’ best meal is dinner. Bartolotta is spot on for a classic, light Italian meal in a fine dining setting that’s less about pre-gaming and more about the food. Blue Ribbon Sushi at the Cosmopolitan Hotel takes care of that inexplicably right combination of high end sushi before a wild night out. Mario Batali’s Otto Pizzeria is a more casual outpost of mouth-watering carbohydrates in the form of pizzas and pastas.

Cocktails: Starting your night off right is vital in Vegas. Going straight from dinner to the club can be

jarring and, more importantly, doesn’t take advantage of the many cocktail lounges on the Strip. The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan is impeccably lavish, as the name suggests, with large glass chandeliers from every vantage point. Minus 5 at the Mandalay Bay is an ice lounge that’s sure to get any night off on the right foot. With hooded winter coats on, you’ll want to sample their notable vodka cocktail list. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/fensterbme)