Funny Fast Food Drive-Thru Videos

When you don't have anything to do on a Friday night, you may be inspired to get in a little mischief. We aren't saying go out and cause havoc on your hometown...

But a few harmless pranks won't hurt! Take a cue from some of these hilarious ones. Do you think you could pull them off?


Fast Food Folk Song

You won't believe what the man working at Taco Bell does next...

Fire Wallet

"This wallet's on fireeeeeeee"

Drive Thru Rap

You now are required to rap your entire order.

McDonald's Birthday Surprise

A classic: Tape a sign to the speaker and laugh from your car as customer after customer sings Happy Birthday to the cashier.

Elmo Orders Taco Bell

Pick a muppet, any muppet, but Elmo works particularly well here. You thought the word "chalupa" sounded funny before...

Let Me Get...

Here's a creative approach, how long can you express interest in ordering food without actually ordering any? This man's routine has employees calling for their managers at multiple unsuspecting drive-thrus.

The Skippy Stare

We have one word for you: "Hup?"