5 Favorite Drive-Thru Pranks

(Did they want fries with that?)

When cruising around the ‘burbs is the go-to plan for Saturday night, fast food-related humor can be surprisingly satisfying. What’s more fun than a Happy Meal? Pranking the nice folks handing them through the second window. (Some pranksters even get a cheeseburger out of it.) From hilarious muppet impressions to full-on folk songs and the creepiest stare-down ever caught on tape, we’ve rounded up our five favorite drive-thru pranks of all time.



McDonald's Birthday Surprise

A classic: Tape a sign to the speaker and laugh from your car as customer after customer sings Happy Birthday to the cashier.  


Elmo Orders Taco Bell

Pick a muppet, any muppet, but Elmo works particularly well here. You thought the word "chalupa" sounded funny before...


Let Me Get...

Here's a creative approach, how long can you express interest in ordering food without actually ordering any? This man's routine has employees calling for their managers at multiple unsuspecting drive-thrus.


The Skippy Stare

We have one word for you: "Hup?"


And our favorite...


Fast Food Folk Song

There's no way around it, these guys are GOOD.The best part? Their entire order is placed. Bonus points for finding a rhyme for "gordita."