A ‘Frozen’ Birthday Party for Summertime

Your kids can’t ‘Let it Go,’ so throw them a birthday party they will love!

How to host a ‘Frozen’ party your kid will adore.

Chances are if you have kids, by now you’ve just about gone batty from watching Disney’s Frozen. From the “Let It Go” sing-a-longs to the endless screenings, Frozen has totally taken over your entire life and shows no signs of letting go (see what we did there?). To help you embrace it and have fun with it, when you’re Elsa-and-Anna obsessed kid is due for a birthday celebration, throw a Frozen-themed party that will blow your little one away. This frigid theme doesn’t just work for winter babies. You can cool off your birthday boy or girl is a summer-ready Frozen party that will be sure to delight, thanks to a snowman who just happens to love the beach.

Olaf’s Beach Bash:

For a snowman obsessed with warm weather, host a great beach bash in honor of Olaf.

●     Make sure all the kids arrive in Hawaiian shirts, like the one Olaf wears in his beach fantasy.

●     Bottled water can be labeled as melted snow.

●     Set up a build-your-own snowman s’mores bar with marshmallows.

●     Use a felt carrot and photo of Olaf to pin-the-nose on the snowman.


●     Set up a “worth melting for” ice cream station — and don’t forget the ice-blue toppings!