10 Winter Themed Kid's Birthday Parties

Even though it's freezing out, the fun doesn't stop when it comes to a kids party

Use the winter to your advantage when planning a birthday party for your kids.

Look at them, those lucky summer babies with their pool parties and barbecue bashes. They flaunt their good fortune with creative activities for the kids and easy ideas that evolve as their little ones do. Their birthdays aren’t overshadowed by epic holiday celebrations. They don’t have to go to school on their special days. The worst they have to deal with is a little rain, which can clear up at a moment’s notice in the summer heat.

Take a cue from one of these great, cold-weather kids bashes!

You invariably end up turning to some staple ideas that you’ve defaulted to every year since you had your little one. From Disney characters to cowboys and generic princesses, you’ve done it all.

You want authenticity, pizazz even. And before you start beating up moms with summer kids at the next PTA meeting, take stock for a moment. If your bundle of joy was born in the dead of winter, don’t feel like you’re doomed to celebrate birthdays in crowded bowling alleys or roller skating rinks.

There are plenty of uniquely themed parties you can help your little ones host for their next birthday party that help them celebrate the special season they were born in.


Create a fantastic winter wonderland with indoor snowmen and snowball fights. Have your lot venture outside for a sledding party, or even transform your living room into a sugar coma-inducing Candy Land. Your winter woes can be put to rest, because with the cold weather, the kids are pining for something to keep them entertained. With these ideas thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration, be sure to throw a winter party your child will never forget.