How to Celebrate Milestone Birthdays

From 1 to 100, these special landmark years will be remembered very well

Happy Birthday to you!

All birthdays are special occasions, but some mean just a bit more than others — whether you like to go big to celebrate your big day or you like to lay low, there’s no denying that certain milestone birthdays bring with them a sense of excitement.

Let's Head Through the Years and Plan Your Big Milestone Bashes!

From your first to your 100th birthday — that’s 100 birthdays! — there are a handful of years that mark a turning point in your life, whether you're a kid or an adult.

When you’re a kid, it’s about reaching that next big point, from your first birthday (which you don’t remember, but don’t fret — your parents definitely caught it on camera) to double digits at year 10 to your first drink at 21.

As an adult, however, milestones are all about attitude. Are you going to embrace 30, 40, 50, and 75 with a smile or a frown? We think you should head into the next year with a smile, and we're here with party ideas to help you do just that.


So let’s head through the years and plan the biggest bashes for you, your kids, and your loved ones.