French McDonald’s Allegedly Dealt Drugs Through Drive-Thru

A French McDonald’s was selling drive-thru drugs


Employees at a French McDonald's were reportedly caught dealing marijuana from the drive-thru.

Several employees at a McDonald’s in France were fired this week after it was revealed that they had been weighing cannabis at the salad bar and dealing some very happy Happy Meals through the restaurant’s drive-thru window.

According to The Local, at least eight staff members at a McDonald’s near Lyon were involved in the drug dealing through the drive-thru, which had reportedly gotten pretty flagrant by the time it was caught.

"They were cutting up the weed, weighing it, and bagging it at the salad bar," said an employee who reported the illegal activity.

To make the deal, customers would reportedly send a text message to one of the dealers working at the McDonald’s, who would then allegedly arrange a drop-off time.

Several other employees eventually reported the illegal behavior and said their coworkers were also smoking their own stash on the premises and not washing their hands or following other health protocol. They also were allegedly hanging out and playing cards at the restaurant after it was closed, which appears to be the official reason they were fired.


According to The Local, police say there is no current investigation into the allegations that there was drug dealing going on at the McDonald’s.