Ben & Jerry’s Are Open to Making Marijuana Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield said that they’d be open to inventing cannabis-infused ice cream

What goes better with chocolate/nuts/caramel-swirled ice cream than marijuana?

This gives a whole new meaning to the Ben & Jerry’s flavor Half-Baked. The founders of the ice cream chain famous for topping most guilty pleasure lists, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, just unveiled some exciting insight.  In an interview with HuffPost Live, they hinted that if marijuana became legalized, they would definitely be open to creating cannabis-infused ice cream. That’s right: Ben & Jerry’s wants to both induce and cure a case of the munchies at the same time by selling marijuana ice cream.

"Makes sense to me," Cohen said in the interview. "Combine your pleasures."

Jerry Greenfield was a little bit more hesitant to jump on the green bandwagon: "Ben and I have had previous experiences with substances, and I think legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing," he said. "It's not my decision. If it were my decision, I'd be doing it, but fortunately we have wiser heads at the company that figure those things out."


We knew you’d be up for it, B&J. Just take a look at that Satisfy My Bowl Bob Marley flavor that was sold in the UK.