Food of the Day: Penne alla Vodka at Half Moon Coffee and Grille Café

The best pasta I’ve ever tasted

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Half Moon Cafe & Grille in Connecticut serves the pasta of my dreams: penne alla vodka.

The taste of this penne alla vodka takes me back to the best memories in high school. 

Whether I was by myself or with a group of friends, there wasn’t a day when I didn’t think about this pasta. I would even skip class or be late just to get a bite of this creamy goodness. But the penne alla vodka at Half Moon Coffee and Grille in Wallingford, Connecticut, is by far the best tasting pasta I’ve ever had. And yes, I have been to Italy and considered the pasta there too.

While living (dangerously) close to this heavlenly pasta, I practically ate at Half Moon every day, just because of that penne alla vodka. Sometimes for lunch, I would leave campus and walk as fast as I could towards the restaurant, with my money all ready to go in my pocket, and my order memorized at heart.

The order took about ten minutes, and it was the most gruesome waiting period I know. But that moment when the oval shaped tin-container was placed in front of me, nothing else really seemed to matter anymore.

The orange color of the sauce reminded me of sweet candy. Light on my palate, the sauce was smooth like melted butter, and I could delicately taste all the tomatoes, cream, and vodka. The pasta was perfectly al dente, topped with fresh slices of Parmesan cheese.

I carefully scraped every corner of the pasta container, and even soak a piece of bread in the sauce to make sure nothing was left behind. Without a care in the world about the calories and how full I felt, I always walked away from Half Moon Coffee and Grille with a smile, and one thought stuck in my head: I can't wait to try this creamy penne alla vodka again.

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