Five Guys Review Gets R&B Remix

Oh. My. Dayum.

Dayum Drops may not be Julia Child, but he managed to go viral with his review of Five Guys' double cheeseburger and fries. Notable quotes? "You bite the fry, the fry bites back, that's how you know you have an official French fry." Also, "Goin' ham up in here," and a rousing "dayum, dayum, DAYUM."

So of course this got a remix, "Oh My Dayum," with the chorus, "Oh my goodness, oh my dayum," turning it into an R&B soulful anthem about double cheeseburgers and bacon and fries and cheese. All of a suddent, we're all really hungry.

Watch the remix below. We're totally going ham over this, although not as much as Hot Cheetos and Takis. We'd really like this Connecticut reviewer to try out In-N-Out, then have that review remixed. Actually, we're thinking an entire album. Hey, those kids did it. (Sidenote: nice harmonies at the end.)