'Hot Cheetos and Takis' Is the Next Snack Rap to Be Stuck in Your Head

Literally half our editorial staff is jamming to this tune right now

Hot Cheetos may not be the healthiest snack out there, but considering how addictive they are, they're definitely worth a rap. Cue this incredibly catchy, actually good, rap on Hot Cheetos and Takis from kids with some serious swagger.

The video itself is pretty damn impressive, with help from a professional crew. And the song? "Did we use writing about this video as an excuse to listen to this song forty-five times? Yes, we did," HuffPo writes. Um, yeah, us too. And also, the rest of their equally jammable album "Goin' Ham" (first song: "We Go Ham").

Next big thing? Let's hope so, with the sassy girl with her "snacks on snacks on snacks," plus the baller just chillin' on the basketball hoop. We definitely see some future Kanyes and Jay-Zs out there, not to mention Ushers with those moves. Watch below, while we go grab a bag of Hot Cheetos.